Motorcycle Dealership Consulting for Sales Managers

Sales managers at motorcycle dealerships face tough challenges that encompass every aspect of the sales process. They’re responsible for monitoring inventory, developing leads, maximizing opportunities, and most importantly, training and coordinating their team. It’s a neverending process to stay competitive and hit those sales goals, and it requires increasingly specialized expertise and support from dedicated industry partners.

Many sales managers are discovering that, in today’s data-heavy environment, motorcycle dealership consulting agencies are a great way to go. These firms are founded and run by industry experts who’ll work one-on-one with your associates to optimize your dealership’s strategies, develop valuable skills, and bring your business into line with the latest industry trends. 

However, dealerships have to spend money to make money, and finding the right motorcycle dealership consulting firm is critical for getting the most out of your investment. A great partner will deliver in each of the following areas to keep your team firing on all cylinders. 

1. Training Relationships, Not Training Experiences

No lasting and effective training happens after a single point of contact, and that’s why a motorcycle dealership consultant should be focused on creating ongoing relationships rather than selling one-and-done packages. These single-session products inevitably give you generic sales and marketing advice because they never take a deep dive into your dealership’s needs. 

The fact is, you’re already a successful dealership, and as a sales manager, you never would have made it this far if you didn’t know the basics. To get to the next level you’ll need to take a magnifying glass to your processes, and that’s what an expert motorcycle dealership consultant should be doing for your team. 

Effective agencies know the best teaching protocol is personalized coaching over time that’s aligned with your specific market and business goals. 

2. They Don’t Recycle Materials

Sales materials, phone scripts, and anything else motorcycle dealership consulting agencies offer should be created or customized specifically for your business. After all, the whole point of dealership consulting is to generate results that elevate your company and make it stand out. But if the partner you’re working with is giving you the same tired content as your competitors with a few word changes, you’ll accomplish the exact opposite!

The best way to arm your team with game-changing content is to work with agencies who’ll take the time to learn what makes your motorcycle dealership special and unique. Only then will they be able to craft materials that connect you to your local market.

3. They Offer One-on-One Coaching

The latest research indicates people learn best in one-on-one environments, and that’s the kind of personalized guidance your sales associates need to improve as individuals and elevate the team as a whole. Nowhere is this more true than in phone sales, which are an increasingly crucial part of the modern motorcycle sales industry. 

Your sales training partner should offer weekly or monthly training contact with each team member that gives them specific feedback, active coaching, and follow-up contact to hone their skills. A consulting agency should also help them tailor scripts to match their personal sales style so nothing sounds rigid or unnatural. 

Remember: scripts are helpful guidelines that keep a sales call on brand, deliver consistent and accurate information, and provide direction for troubleshooting tough questions. All these points speak directly to customer needs, but when it comes to connecting with people, your salespeople are the experts!

Finally, coaching sessions should be designed to be as efficient as possible so training doesn’t interfere with hitting sales goals and handling important customer concerns. Yes, training is important, but the best motorcycle dealership consultants know they are supporting your business’s goals with effective input, not taking over the operation. 

4. Feedback is Based on Real Performance

Without analysis of your sales team’s work and the creation of specific feedback, a motorcycle dealership consultant is just guessing what will help and hoping for the best. If you’ve been in business for a while, the chances are high that you’ve experienced sales training that doesn’t begin with a deep dive into your business’s actual performance. This kind of coaching is full of generic advice that’s not directly applicable to the motorcycle industry. It’s inefficient, frustrating for your talented salespeople, and most importantly, isn’t going to give you a competitive edge because it’s stuff everyone already knows. 

Any good motorcycle dealership consultant should start your relationship off with a consultation and some mystery shops to establish a practical baseline for improvement. In particular, mystery shops allow a consulting firm to experience your customer service just as any regular customer would. They can ask pertinent follow-up questions, test how your people respond to specific challenges, and use that information to create a list of key areas to address.

Don’t Compromise, Insist on the Total Package!

Phone Ninjas was founded by automotive and motorcycle sales superstars with over five decades of combined experience. We made our fortunes selling cars, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles all across North America. We know this business inside and out and understand exactly where to start to take your team to the next level. 

We invest the time and effort to learn what makes your dealership special, then custom-tailor our scripts to show you at your best. Our coaches work every week with your entire team through one-on-one training sessions that focus on helping each employee develop the tactics and skills they need to boost their successful sales. Our motorcycle dealership consulting program is curated for your business and gives you a concrete strategy for differentiating yourself from your competition. 

Call or email us today to set up a demo. We’ll even perform two free mystery shops of your dealership (with no further commitment!) to show exactly how our dealership consulting can turbocharge your profits!

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