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One-time trainings are merely “shots in the arm” and tend to wear off after time. Plus, it’s disruptive for the store, staff, and customers. Our ongoing coaching offers up bite-sized pieces of relevant training situationally applied to each agent’s actual customer calls.


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We’re largely manager hands-off, after the initial launch, you’ll only hear from us if we’re having trouble scheduling with one of your team or if we’re having an issue getting through to a staff member. We are your eyes and ears on the phones.

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There’s a CRM stat which was confirmed by a data/analytics company from a few years ago at NADA and it said “80% of inbound calls never make it into CRM.” I believe this stat and it’s because all the tracking and reporting is reactive, Phone Ninjas is proactive.

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Active Coaching

Q: What exactly is Active Coaching?

A: It’s working individually with your agents giving them the knowledge and skill necessary to handle the phones more efficiently and confidently for today’s consumer

A: It’s more than just a “shot in the arm” but a means to drive sustainable results 

A: This consists of the following:

    • Initial Agent Certification
    • Highly effective scripts
    • Critical Call Coaching
    • Personalized One-on-One Sessions
    • Well-placed Mystery Shops

A: It’s important to be trained but it’s also important to conduct business, that’s why once your team is certified we only ask for 15 minutes each week plus 20 minutes once a month. Bite-sized pieces of impactful training that are easily implemented in real-time

A: Available for inbound and outbound calls for Sales, Service, Parts, and Reception

A: 86% Appointment Set Rates possible for engaged dealers

A: Calls monitored, scored, and coached

A: Entire staff certified 

A: The four cornerstones of our approach are:

    • Knowledge – knowing what to say
    • Skill – knowing when to say it
    • Consistency – forms positive habits that become second nature
    • Confidence – belief in self

Q: How does Active Coaching help my team?

A: It improves everyone’s skill sets based on where they are respectively, it’s not one size fits all. It’s highly individualized. We certify and train on inbound calls, outbound calls, objection handling, and situational scenarios

A: We start with basic phone skills and progressively build to more advanced situational objection-handling scenarios

Q: What results may I expect from Active Coaching and when may I expect them?

A: Average results without training or coaching are 20% appointment set rates. Our Average results with Phone Ninjas coaching are 60% and our best of the best for the most engaged dealerships peak at 87%!

A: We build a foundation and from there we continue and maintain through our Active Coaching using real customer calls which we pull from the dealer’s tracking provider for each agent

Q: What makes your most engaged dealers so successful on the program?

A: 3 fundamentals:

    • Buy-in from the top
    • Staff views coached sessions within 48 hours so the call is still fresh in their mind
    • Staff maintains certification always (if not, they don’t take calls)

Critical Call Coaching

Q: What is Critical Call Coaching?

A: It’s a multi-touchpoint continuous and ongoing training method for the staff to be able to handle a multitude of scenarios that arise on the phones.

A: Coaching is teaching, it’s directed training, it’s getting someone better at a skill set. We’re not just “telling” them to “GET CONTACT INFO,” we’re showing them how to do it and working with them to learn situationally. That’s what we do, that’s Critical Call Coaching

Mystery Shopping 

Q: What does our Mystery Shop Provide? 

A: Our mystery shopping service provides an unbiased evaluation of your sales team’s performance. We examine your store’s communication points online and provide a personalized report detailing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We track response times and report on the sequence of events chronologically, giving feedback on how your team could have communicated in a more effective manner.

1:1 Coaching Sessions 

Q: What does our 1:1 Coaching Sessions Provide? 

A: Our 1:1 coaching sessions provide personalized training tailored to your specific needs. These 20-minute live conversations with a certified Phone Ninjas coach include detailed reviews, roleplays, session notes, and progress tracking. Whether you’re a new salesperson or a seasoned professional, our expert coaches can help you refine your skills and achieve your sales goals

Onsite & Virtual Instructor Led Training 

Q: What does our Onsite & Virtual Instructor Led Training provide? 

A: Our virtual training is identical to the training we offer in person. Your business will save money as there are no related travel expenses. It’s also much easier to offer training to new hires as we are routinely offering monthly online sessions.

A: If you’d like to get your Phone Skills Coaching started with enthusiasm, there’s no better way than to have Mike Hoyser, our Vice President of Training, visit your location to conduct an in-depth phone skills training seminar.