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Inbound Coaching

Two Inbound Coaching Sessions are included, one which was the first coaching session and another which was after three months of coaching to showcase this agent’s individual improvement.

Outbound Coaching

Example of our Outbound Call Coaching Session: Click here to listen 

1-on-1 Coaching

Example of our 1-on-1 Session (this one was a roleplay): Click here to listen 

Stealth Test – Mystery Shop

Example of our Mystery Shop: Click here to listen

Active Coaching Method

Inbound & Outbound Coaching Sessions

  • Available for Sales, Service, Parts, and Reception
  • 86% Appointment Set Rates possible for engaged dealers
  • Calls monitored, scored, and reported
  • Calls actively coached
  • Entire staff certified

1-on-1 Personal Coaching Sessions

  •  20-minute live conversation with a certified phone ninjas coach
  • The entire session is recorded
  • Sessions include detailed reviews, roleplays, session notes, and progress tracking
  • Dedicated recurring monthly timeslots available  

Stealth Test – Internet Mystery Shop Session

  • Examine your store’s communication points online
  • A personalized report detailing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • We look for a number of items, everything from an autoresponder and an initial phone call attempt to tonality and sentiment of the correspondence
  • We track response times and report on the sequence of events chronologically
  • We video record our submission, screen capture the emails, and voice record the conversations so you have a full catalog of the results
  • Our coaches will give their feedback on how your team could have communicated in a more effective manner, across all communication methods (email, telephone, and text), all of which you’ll have access to

Optional Instructor-Led Training (Onsite or Virtual)

  • 7 full hours of classroom training each day (2-day min) (Onsite Option)
  • Inbound phone training during the morning
  • Outbound and internet training during the afternoon
  • Includes objecting handling
  • Includes industry trends
  • Includes texting and proper techniques