dealership mystery shop

Get two COMPLIMENTARY Mystery Shops for your store!

Nicole Marcellino

Two Mystery Shops Included:

Phone Leads
Phone Ninjas will call in and play the role of the customer as though we’re inquiring about a vehicle.

Web Leads
Phone Ninjas will complete a web form and see how your team follows through/follows up and what happens next.


We score and report!

  • Record the call & score effectiveness

  • Our coaches provide key insights with a detailed analysis

  • We track response times for online lead follow-ups

  • Video record all conversations

  • Report how an appointment could have been achieved


A: Most OEMs conduct dealership mystery shops to make sure you’re adhering to their branding and pricing guidelines. While these are definitely important, Phone Ninjas’ focus is on driving sales. Branding, pricing, etc. we don’t look at, we look at deliverability, quality, timeliness, following through with commitments, wording, cadence, and of course, the “one-two punch” of responses both via email and the telephone (to name some).

A: We deploy a persona with a valid email and phone number inquiring about sales or service or both. We then record the submission via screen recording and record any verbal correspondence with your agents. We score, critique, and report back.

A: New, Used, Service