That’s Okay – I’m Just Price Shopping

Part of handling inbound phone calls is dealing with the customer’s objections. The more equipped your sales consultants and BD agents are, the better your chances are of securing the appointment/meeting. There are many ways to handle objections, but here’s an example of one of the top objections you’ll come across and how to respond. 

“That’s Okay. I’m Just Price Shopping.”

Most of us have heard this objection before, right? The customer calls into the dealership on a specific new car, and after asking for the appointment, the customer says:

 “that’s okay. I’m just price shopping….” 

At this point, the conversation can go one of two ways. This is the customer’s way of ending the discussion with you. In which case, the sales consultant or BD agent might not have received their contact information to secure a time to follow-up. 

When this happens, here are two ways your sales consultants or BD agents can handle the objection. 

Response One: That’s great! Here at [dealership], we make it easy offering the best price available. Now let me ask you, is this the only make and model you were considering? If so, I have [vehicle options] that could potentially save you money! What time works best for you to come in and meet with my manager? I have this afternoon or evening available. *

As you can see, the response is tackling the customer’s objection head-on. And by doing so, it gives you the chance to inquire about the customer’s flexibility. But to get to this point, you have to tackle the objections with confidence! 

*for those of you who are offering “at home test drives,” be sure to mention that option! 

Response Two: I understand and respect that. But here at [dealership] we are fully transparent with our pricing. By the way, are you trading in a vehicle? We need pre-owned vehicles like yours, and are always offering top dollar! The appraisal process takes less than twenty minutes! What time works best for you to come in and meet with my manager? I have this afternoon or evening available.

In this response, you’re not only tackling the objection head-on, but you’re asking the customer more questions, which can (and in most cases) lead to more answers with the goal of getting to the appointment. 

Both responses are tackling the objection. More importantly, despite the answers being different, the approach remains the same. That is getting the appointment. The point is that the more comfortable you’re at handling customer objections, the easier it will be to maintain control of the conversation. And remember, remain positive on the phone! The customer can easily pick-up your tone and possibly feel that you are disinterested.

Lastly, remember the customer picked up their phone and chose to call your dealership! They called you! 

July 15, 2020, originally posted on Driving Sales

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