Alerts in the Background….

My question to you is, why are we alerting dealerships to everything that their salespeople are doing wrong if they don’t know what to do to fix it!?

You know, those text and email notifications you get from your call tracking provider. The ones that tell you that your newest salesperson hasn’t set an appointment on the last five calls he or she has taken. Therefore, that customer has chosen to shop elsewhere.

The ones that tell you that the call dropped because it wasn’t clear to the customer that the salesperson was about to put them on a five-minute hold (you know this happens more often than you’d like to admit).

You have to know what I’m talking about…those email notifications from your CRM that tell you that you have received an internet lead request, but a salesperson has not yet called the customer to try to get them in the door. You are aware that those same people are chatting with ten other dealerships waiting for the quickest response, right? #instantgratificationiswhateveryamericanwants

These amazing call tracking providers are LITERALLY telling you what your salespeople are doing wrong on the phones, yet you brush the notifications aside because you simply don’t know what to do to fix those issues.

[Insert Straight Forward, Non-Cheesy, Set an Appointment 85% of the Time Script Here]

It’s a simple solution–get your team a collection of scripts (yes, a whole smorgasbord of simple inbound and outbound scripts) that ANYONE can use that will yield a set appointment almost Every. Damn. Time.

More appointments set = more cars sold = happy customers = more referrals and repeat happy customers.

I’m not saying that the solution we provide is recommended. Because after all, recommended products are not usually for everyone because they do not always yield the same results across the board.

But what I am saying is that the solution we provide is absolutely, 100% necessary to increase your sales month over month. Because we have the results to prove that the scripts do not discriminate. They work for anyone, no matter the level of experience, at any dealership, in any country, on any planet.

They’re short. They’re sweet. They’re simple. They’re to the point. They’re genius.

They just work. And if you don’t believe me, simply ask for the stats. It’s time to reach into your email trashcan, pull those alerts back out, discover the things your salespeople are constantly doing wrong, and DO something about it. Whadya say?

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