What is Micro-Learning?

Microlearning is a method of training that serves up bite-sized pieces of information in short periods to promote better engagement and retention of the learned material. This can include short text or videos to help workers develop new skills with less time invested.

Employees want continued education

While 93% of employees say they’d stay at a job longer with continued education, most companies admit that finding the time is a huge obstacle. Micro-learning is the best solution to keep your employees trained while still giving them the time to focus on their work. Companies find that they only have 1% of overall work hours to allot to training and that equates to about 15 minutes per week. That’s not a lot of time, so the way we train must adapt to this schedule. A quick lesson on closing the sale or how to properly attain the appointment is the best way to teach. It also will give the important lesson needed and allow them to immediately apply the material rather than forgetting what they learned in an all-day session. 

Invest in your staff

Turnover is ranked in the top 3 costs for all businesses. It is much more costly to invest in a new hire rather than to invest in your current staff. Lack of training leads to employees feeling unappreciated which means they either leave or get fired for underperforming. While it may seem simple to hire a replacement, it actually costs ⅓ of their salary to hire and train a new employee properly, while training your existing staff, will only cost a few hundred dollars per person. 

Trained employees are profitable employees

A company is only as good as its employees, so give them the resources needed to proudly be your frontline and the face of your business. Provide the tools needed to be the best. Proper training will ensure that they are spending less time researching and more time providing the info needed to help close the deal. According to HR Magazine, companies that invest $1,500 on training per employee can see an average of 24% more profit than companies that invest less.

A well-trained employee is more effective and happier in their position. They stay longer in their current position which saves you money in turnover and will help you become more profitable. The days of a full 8-hour training session in a hotel meeting room are long gone. They are overwhelming and can negatively affect the bottom line. A company that offers ongoing coaching can provide the micro-learning needed to keep your employees trained, not take too much time away from their daily tasks, and help increase your bottom line.

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