How is Your Training Going?

Phone Ninjas is more than a coaching tool, it’s a system, a methodology. We want to provide a friendly reminder of the system and a few practices on how to capitalize on the system and all it has to offer! 

Our mission is too create for your dealerships strong, assertive and confident associates on the phone. 

Kick-off Program/Initial Training:

We offer both virtual and in house training for sales associates and management at the startup of your program. We highly recommend that management is just as involved in training as staff so they can assist with questions and have valuable conversation with employees as the program takes off. 

For virtual training, we break down each category of the call into a clean and concise video showing the associate exactly what we are looking for. These are also the videos we use when the rep “recertifies” if they need to.

During your first 1:1 session, the 1:1 Coach will also review the dashboard, coaching criteria and even break down the score sheet for the associate as well as answer any questions that they bring to the table. All to make sure that transitioning into this new format is seamless. 

The videos are updated and are a great way to hear how the script should sound when a salesperson is dealing with a customer. We do our best to lay everything out on the table, so your sales associates have multiple ways of absorbing this new material. When it comes to a script role play, this is available to each associate during their 1:1 session with their coach. The coaches are also versed in multiple ways to present this material so that all learning styles are accommodated in these sessions as well. 

**A quick reminder for the In-House training – Do you feel like your staff could use a refresher? Our in-house training is always available. Contact your account manager or lead coach and they can provide more details. **


For Management:

Each month we provide an overview of the previous month via personalized video that shows your dashboard and performance of each employee, broken down into their respective departments. This shows your teams’ collective strengths and opportunities in a quick few minutes snapshot. We also take the time to show you how your team measures up compared to other teams using the Phone Ninjas System. 

Along with the quick monthly review, we send a snapshot via email as well. We all know that everyone absorbs data differently so we’re striving to send it a few different ways to promote a report that can be seen (and absorbed) by all. 

We recommend hitting both strengths and weaknesses in your meetings with your associates to provide positive feedback and reinforcement for aspects that are working well and things that need improving. Reviewing these points as a team can strengthen your group as a whole and keep all associates accountable for the program. We have created a system that when used appropriately gives each customer an educational and helpful experience over the phone by building skilled sales associates aka. Ninjas. 

For your associates:

We have the 1:1 coaching session with one of our trained and well-versed coaches. This coach is seeing your associate’s performance via their dashboard and can give them tips, pointers or suggestions depending on what the salesperson brings to the table for their conversation. 

  • We recommend having the associate be engaged in this conversation by being prepared with their dashboard open and having all calls from previous months reviewed so a discussion can be had about performance strengths and opportunities. 

If needed, the coach will also break down the scoring system. The coach in this session is there for the associate in whatever way they can be. We again just ask that they come prepared to engage with the coach for the most beneficial session possible. And of course, these are recorded for your viewing, should you so choose.  

***Weekly/Daily ***

For Management: 

A breakdown of the previous week is sent every Monday. For those looking to drill down on progress in a weekly format. This gives a great picture of how the week before went. We recommend looking at this for your Monday Morning Meeting. Was there something that everyone did well on, or something that everyone as a team needs to focus on? Let’s bring it up. The numbers don’t lie. 

Have all associates stayed on top of their coaching and 1:1 sessions? – This report will also show calls to be reviewed. The coach will go over this in the 1:1, however keeping our associates on top of this will keep them engaged in the material and promote an atmosphere of constant real time learning. 

Are you looking at a certain sales associate’s performance and want to listen in? We send an email each time a call is coached to all selected management so there is full transparency in everything we’re doing. 

Is a member of the team doing exceptionally well? Maybe have everyone listen to this call in a training session. Not everyone will take calls the same way. We coach to ensure that if all points are hit, the associate gets credit. A perfect 5 will not necessarily follow a straight line, sometimes we need to build confidence by showing what that looks like from someone on your team. 

For Associates:

Each time a call is coached, or a mystery shop is performed, the associate receives an email. They can log in directly to their call to review from the link in their email. Their dashboard shows them all their calls and their progress. A date range can even be applied if they are looking for specifics.

It will also show them their call breakdown and give them an opportunity to provide feedback or ask questions of the coach right from the call. Your lead coach is always available to answer questions or concerns and welcomes that interaction!

Their lead coach is always there for them via email, text and call. All that information is readily available on their dashboard and in each coaching email. 

**This is just a friendly reminder of what we provide and a few suggestions on how to use it**

If you want to improve how your dealership handles phone calls, check out our Dealership Phone Training or Active Coaching Services and see how Phone Ninjas can help you!

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