How Important Are Dealership Phone Skills?

When you call a business with the expectation of impeccable service, how long does a bad experience stay at the top of your mind? Do you recommend that business to friends and family? Do you go out of your way to frequent that business again? The answer is no, in fact it may even be an adamant no. You may even go out of your way to make sure to do the opposite, right? What experience are your customers having? Are your dealership phone skills where they should be?

Over the past two years, it’s no secret that many industries have shifted focus away from customer service and focused more intently on survival. The automotive industry has come up against some, seemingly insurmountable issues. Like every industry, they lost a ton of staff but so did the manufacturers and the trickle-down effect caused a microchip shortage that threatened the livelihoods of a lot of dealerships. 

With the loss of staff, many businesses have been unable to retain their highly sought-after communication skills. Think about the last time you tried to make a hotel reservation. I’m guessing you didn’t get directly to “Sarah at the front desk,” because many hospitality chains have begun to rely on internet bookings or a centralized call-line to handle their customers’ needs. 

At this time, when inventory is low, people still want new cars. Let’s face it, there has been a lot of “terrible” in the past couple of years and customers want something that makes them feel good. At this time, the importance of excellent dealership phone skills is at an all-time high. We need to make sure, as an industry who serves people, that we are not going the way of the hospitality industry. We do not want our customers being shuffled off to someone who cannot answer specific questions. 

When a customer calls a dealership, they want answers. However, at the same time, they want to be wooed. They want you to want their business and what better way to convey that than with exceptional dealership phone skills? We need to think about one thing when customers call the dealership; we are asking them to make a major financial decision and put their financial interests in our hands, if only for the length of that phone call. 

Is it coming together now why dealership phone skills have to be on point? Without a team of highly trained phone representatives, you run the risk of losing business to other stores. Nobody wants that, right. When local business close and businesses are cutting hours because they don’t have the staff, the automotive industry has continued to grow, but it hasn’t been easy. 

There is a solution to poor dealership phone skills and subpar appointment set rates, however. With a training program that is responsible for a potential double or triple increase in your appointment sets and shows, dealership phone skills can only improve. We want to make sure we are harnessing the power of impeccable customer service at a time when this has not been the case for other industries. 

Proper phone training and coaching techniques WILL take your dealership phone skills to soaring heights. Only a third-party team of professionals can assist your team in taking control of their calls, becoming more comfortable speaking to customers over the phone, and avoid making those mistakes that keep customers from walking through the door. 

If your dealership phone skills could use a bit of a bump, consider that third-party solution today! 

If you want to improve how your dealership handles phone calls, check out our Automotive Phone Training or Active Coaching Services and see how Phone Ninjas can help you!

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