Getting Leads

Customer Confidence…

Do you ever call an organization’s customer service line and hope that you get someone on the phone that is friendly and

How much is enough? This question could be posed for anyone and anything. However, when we start to get down to brass

Customer service is extremely important. We get that. But one thing we might not notice, or suspect is that not everyone is

It’s been a trend in the recent year to send an associate to a customer instead of having the customer come to

Service Greeter

Who should be greeting your service customers when they arrive at the service drive? A porter, an assistant or an advisor? Every

Calling the customer for a big job in the shop: The car is on the lift, tying up a bay, you know

My question to you is, why are we alerting dealerships to everything that their salespeople are doing wrong if they don’t know

I want to share something that I hope will help on your future calls.  Working as a phone trainer in the industry

Most of us have faced the hard reality of a bad month. Whether that’s missing the monthly manufacturer stairstep after we “realized”

Are You Equipped to Tackle Incoming Calls? Having a reliable process for your incoming calls is essential. By having a solid process, you get a

Phone Scripts Work

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] There’s more to a quality phone script than just words written down for your dealership to follow. A quality phone script

Responding to Internet Leads It’s ingrained in most of our DNA to answer a lead as soon as possible and for good

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