Benefits of Using an Outsourced Virtual Workforce

Everyone is still adjusting to and figuring out how to best navigate the post-COVID ‘new normal’ and looking at ways to prevent such an interruption of business operations in the future. One trend that has taken hold and shows little chance of going away is the outsourced virtual positions.  

There are many ways in which a virtual Sales/Support team can benefit the business owner. The traditional school of thought was that you needed to see your staff working to know they were working physically. Yet, with the technologies available to today’s business owner, productivity can be tracked and accounted for without hassle. A recent Forbes report shows that virtual workers are more productive and have higher job satisfaction than their on-site counterparts!

Hiring a virtual Sales/Support team also offers your business a variety of ways to cut expenses – reducing the need for office space, equipment, supplies, etc. This also translates to reduced payroll expenses:  hiring a virtual Sales/Support team allows your calls to be spread across multiple remote agents, lowering the costs for all. This allows for greater scalability based on your volume vs. onsite staff sitting around due to a slow day/week. This eliminates most of your HR headaches – call-outs, sick days, vacation requests, etc., are no longer an issue.

Virtual outsourced staff members mean someone is always available when you need them. Hiring across time zones allows you to have someone always ‘on’ and opens up a wider talent pool of potential staff, ensuring the proper fit for the position, not just the nearest.    

Many businesses have chosen to remain remote or maintain some form of on-site/remote hybridization post-covid; refusing to follow suit could cause your business to fall lag in terms of competing for the best employees and weathering the next ‘blip’ in the market.  Don’t get left behind!

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