In an era where technology is continually advancing, the art of mastering telephone skills remains crucial. Whether it’s for personal connections or

In the era of emails, text messages, and video calls, one might think that telephone etiquette has taken a backseat. However, this

One of the most glaring issues affecting dealerships today is the dismal state of their phone skills. It’s alarming to witness how

We have all had days where we walk around with what feels like electricity pulsing through our veins; we’re hitting all of

“Take it or Leave it” has been a very common theme occurring in the auto industry over the past two to three

Chris VitaleAs the COO | Partner of Phone Ninjas, Chris delivers leadership, coaching, and mentorship to 55 team members providing software sales

Difficult phone customers are the most nerve-wracking thing to deal with as a sales agent or customer service representative. Even if you

Free Scripts

Free cold calling sales scripts We’ve created a packed resource center to educate dealerships and call centers on how to set more

Anyone can have work-related goals, but not everyone will achieve them. To achieve goals, we have to better ourselves. And to better

It’s no secret that in the last two years both Sales Consultants and BD Agents have largely slipped when it comes to

A car dealership is not a simple entity. There are moving parts everywhere! Most are 4 businesses in one and some are

I get it: sales calls are annoying. They are intrusive and constant, so why is it time to stop ignoring them? Because

Times are changing and everything has been moving a lot faster over the past two years, right? You can buy a home

I am a very competitive person, so if you put me in a classroom situation, I am more than likely going to

No. They’re just different. Coaching is Apples. Training is Oranges. You can’t compare them. Both are fruit. But each does something unique

The telephone has been a staple in communication for decades. It has been something so important that we have developed the technology

What do you get when you combine automotive phone training with Phone Ninjas? The best automotive phone training in the industry! At

Dealership Phone Training Why Your Dealership Needs Phone Training What do you get when you combine dealer phone training with Phone Ninjas?

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