Premise Behind This Script

Consumers looking for multi family housing will generally start their search off with a call to your facility.  Your best course of action is to gain contact information and invite the caller in for an appointment so you can showcase your property.  The below script will help you accomplish this task.

Multi Family Housing Phone Script


“Thank you for calling, my name is (your name). Are you’re interested in learning more about our properties.”


“I’ll be glad to help you with that.  So I better understand your needs, I do have a few questions I would like to ask?  Are you looking for a one bedroom, two bedrooms, or something larger?  What is your desired move in date?  Great, let me check our availability to see what’s available based on your needs. That should take me about 10 minutes, are you calling from home or work?  And that number is?  How do I spell your last name properly? And your first name is? Actually, I was able to pull up the information you’re seeking while we were talking.”

Notes: I would like to discuss other qualifying questions and rapport building.  I generally like to stay away from price unless the customer brings up the question.  Customers may increase their price range when viewing an apartment they desire. Thus bring them in and discuss price when on property.


“Great news, we do have several suites available that meet your needs.  When are you available to view them, today or tomorrow?  Is morning or afternoon better for you? I am looking at my appointment book and I see I have an opening at (give two time options).

Closure & Directions:

I am going to send you some information about your appointment, should I send that to your e-mail or by text to your cell phone?  And that is?  How did you hear about Boxer properties?  Do you know where we are located?  Which direction will you be coming from?  (Know your directions from all compass points)

Send message:

Send message with your contact info, directions and any customer information required when renting.

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