Car sales training: get started with free videos

How sharp is your auto sales team? When was the last time your car sales personnel honed their abilities? If sales staff members only receive training at the beginning of their tenure, you’re missing a chance to improve their overall performance and, by extension, your vehicle sales numbers.

Car sales training should be a fundamental part of the employee experience at your dealership. There are plenty of ways to integrate learning into salespeople’s days. This can be as simple as a free training video and can expand to encompass live or virtual instructor-led sessions, as well as ongoing coaching.

Why use car sales training for phone skills?

Early in the car sales training process, you’ll have to decide which skills to focus on. Phone abilities are some of the most important, and often underrated, traits to work on.

It’s easy to assume that a good car salesperson who has strong in-person selling abilities will also thrive on the phone, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Auto sales via phone make up a unique car sale channel – one with its own best practices.

For example, the use of situational phone scripts can guide your dealership team members through carefully orchestrated auto sales processes. A script isn’t as restrictive as it may sound. Rather than keeping a car salesperson on the rails, the script ensures the representative follows brand guidelines and gathers essential information, all while guiding a prospect toward a vehicle purchase.

Employees who have strengthened their phone skills, encompassing script use and more, are an asset to your auto dealership team. A sales associate with top-notch customer service skills on the phone is great for making a first-time new car sale, driving repeat business and everything in between.

Whether these representatives field inbound calls or make outbound automotive sales calls to prospects and referrals, their abilities will be put to the test early and often. The more time and effort you spend on phone-centered car sales training, the better the employees’ car sale conversion rates.

Car sales training: from videos to instructor-led tutorial sessions

What are your options when it comes to car sales training? The easiest option is to start with free materials, like those found on this very page. As you deepen your commitment to employee learning, you will find a variety of other corporate training options, each perfect for a certain situation.

  • Free tutorial videos: When you’re looking for a bargain, there’s no better feeling than getting something for free. At Phone Ninjas, our vehicle sale training offerings start with free videos. While other vendors often charge for their car sales training videos, we let your learners access our materials at no charge. You have nothing to lose, so get started on improving your team’s phone skills immediately by filling out the form below.

  • In-person instructor-led training: What’s the next step up from watching pre-recorded training videos? A seminar led by a live instructor. In these sessions, the expert can take questions and comments from learners and, over the course of two days, lead your team of learners through a wide variety of skill tutorial sessions that will build their phone abilities. From scheduling new appointments to working through customer objections, live sessions can cover all aspects of phone-based car sales.

  • Virtual auto sales training programs: During the past few years, video-based meetings and sessions have become more commonplace and accepted than ever before. To this end, you can arrange a live virtual training course that mirrors the content from an in-person training seminar. Your team will receive the same expert knowledge in an easy-to-use video conference format and in small groups so they don’t lose out on personal attention from the instructor or the ability to ask questions.

  • One-on-one auto sales coaching: Training sessions are at their best when they’re complemented by ongoing coaching. This means bringing in experts to review real sales call recordings and determine each representative’s strengths and areas for improvement. Periodic checks serve two important goals. First, they help employees retain the lessons they’ve learned by keeping their knowledge fresh. Second, they give coaches an opportunity to impart new lessons and build employee skills further.

Whichever combination of methods your dealership or dealer group uses, it pays to work with experts in car sales training, with the experience and subject matter specialization to truly help your team excel. In other words, it pays to work with Phone Ninjas.

Download free car sales training videos now

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