Top Three Tips BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your promotion

By Jamie Welch from Tri-Auto

A direct marketing event is a big investment for your dealership. Below you will find some tips on how to get the best return and maximize your promotion. Event sales can generate $200,000 – $300,000 gross for your dealership when successful, introduce your dealership to new potential customers, and energize your sales team.


1. Training: Prep your team with the right tools such as phone training and knowledge about the upcoming event. Make sure they understand the concept of how to move a customer along in the sales process from being a passive looker into a buyer.
2. Promotion: Pick the right artwork and product to promote your event. Through the use of Marketvision, we know exactly how each direct mail product performs. For example, in the last 12 months, the oversized postcard with a key is the #1 performing product.
3. Inventory: Make sure your lot is fully stocked and you have the right pre-owned inventory with plenty of financing options available.


1. Lot Outfitting: Dress up your lot to make it look like something special is going on and create an exciting atmosphere for potential buyers. This type of decoration can also help gain extra exposure from the drive-by traffic that passes by your dealership every day.
2. Track Results: Use some sort of a tracking tool, like Marketvision, call tracking phone numbers, credit websites, landing pages and personal websites to capture all the activity from the sale. These tools allow you to add to both your customer and prospect database.
3. Team Accountability: Have a 5 minute “jumpstart” meeting everyday of the sale. Provide lead lists to your team from the data that you captured the day before from the UPS that visited the showroom or website. Award small gift cards or cash to the salesperson that talked to the most UPS, captured the most email addresses, and sold the most cars.


  1. Organize the Data: Download all the customer information gathered throughout the sale and upload it to your CRM system.
  2. Sell More Cars: Use the contact information gathered during the event to create lead lists for your sales reps to call for the several weeks. Continue the spiffs and incentives to capitalize on the promotion well after the sale dates are over.
  3. Zip Code Analysis: Work with your direct mail company to analyze the best performing zip codes and make tweaks for next time based on the best and worst performing zip codes. Marketvision collects this data automatically for you, and our AEs analyze the data to help you prepare for future sales.

For a free, no obligation consultation on your next event sale, contact Jamie Welch, Senior Account Manager for Tri Auto, or direct at 317-644-5726

For Chrysler dealers:

Important News!  Chrysler Co-Op Staffed Sales Event Program Starts in August!

I’am not sure if you are aware, but Chrysler is co-oping 30% up to $4000 any staffed sales event that happens in Aug and Sept and maybe thru the end of the year.  This is over and above any normal PAP co-op reimbursement.  Below you will find a link to a presentation that Tri Auto, a direct marketing company I know, submitted and had approved by Chrysler. You can send this link out to your peers in the dealership or other Chrysler stores for the co-op program involving staffed events. If you have any interest or questions, just let Jamie know and she will help get all the specifics in order.

Just click on the link below and:

  1. Input your name (when you send to a peer, have them input their name)
  2. Access code is: marketvision

Thanks and let Jamie know if you have any questions.

Her direct line is 317-644-5726 and her email is

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