Q4 Contest Winners!

It was an exciting finish as three salespeople jockeyed back and forth for the top three spots. Amanda Ladwig from Granger Motors won first place with a three month average score of 4.895. She wins an all expense paid trip to Digital Dealer 12 in Florida this spring. Richard West from Dave Arbogast took second with a three month average score of 4.763. Dave wins an iPad II. Tom Hilliker from Faulkner BMW slipped from second to third with a slight hiccup on his last coached call of the month. Tom’s three month average was 4.762. Tom wins a Kindle Touch.

All three competitors met the criteria of a minimum of three coached calls. Amanda had a total of ten coached calls, Richard squeaked in with three and Tom had a whopping seventeen. Those who averaged a score in the 4’s are to be commended for their efforts. We know it’s tough to accomplish this level of perfection! Those who did not win a prize hopefully enjoyed extra commissions as a result of increased appointments scheduled.  Here is a look at those who finished with scores of 4.0 or better.

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