Our founder traveled across the country, dealership to dealership, providing onsite phone training for almost a decade.

Everyone loved the training, some staff retained more than others, as is usually the case. He found himself in high demand and oftentimes would be called back at set intervals due to how impactful his training was. While working with one store in particular, the owner asked if there was a way to hold everyone more accountable, in other words, a better way to have ongoing phone coaching that was both scalable yet highly impactful. It had to be something more than just going through a training manual.

The Phone Ninjas Active Coaching Method was created to do just that! Since 2010, we’ve had trainers listen to the employees in real life situations and then coach them on those very calls. We also have the store managers involved to witness the training take shape, so they know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses along with the ability to track their progress. The Phone Ninjas program allows dealers to focus on what they do best, selling cars, while we focus on what we do best, training their employees at a very affordable rate.

Additional items our proven method addresses are turnover and attendance. What about the new employees that started 2 weeks after the original onsite session? What about days off and sick days? Phone Ninjas again is the answer. We allow employees to sign on and begin certification with ease. Onsite training is a fantastic event to have in your store, we offer it and recommend it but there’s no way of knowing how much information each employee will retain and no way to account for unforeseen days off and staff changes.

The Phone Ninjas program allows everybody to track progress and learn how they can improve from their own calls. It’s as impactful as onsite training but it’s ongoing, it’s sustainable, it’s personalized, it’s scalable and, it’s affordable. This program was the answer for that dealership (they’ve been with us for over 9 years now) and thousands more.