Losing Callers and Online Car Shoppers? Take the Mystery Out of Why.

Stop the guesswork and let the experts lend you a fresh set of eyes to identify the mistakes that could be driving customers away.  

What You’ll Get With Your Free Mystery Shop:

Our dealership mystery shopper will go through your entire customer journey, then tell you what needs work using one of two methods: 

Phone Ninjas will call in and play the role of the customer as though we’re inquiring about a vehicle. We’ll score every aspect of the call, then report back to you on how you did.

Phone Ninjas will complete a web form and see how your team follows through/follows up and what happens next. You’ll get actionable insights on how to correct what you might’ve done wrong.

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Online Review

Personalized report detailing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Communication Points Assessment

We look for a number of items, everything from an auto responder and an initial phone call attempt to tonality and sentiment of the correspondence.

Response Time Evaluation

We track response times and report on the sequence of events chronologically.

Expert Feedback

Our coaches will give their feedback on how your team could have communicated in a more effective manner, across all communication methods (email, telephone and text).

About Phone Ninjas

The Phone Ninjas team offers expertly developed dealership training programs designed to support every department–sales, service, and parts. With over a decade of use cases, the Phone Ninjas program is proven to increase live customer appointments from phone and digital channels from the industry average of 20% to over 60-80%+. 

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