Creating Your Own Leads

Tired of paying for third party leads?  Start generating your own leads!

Dealerships have become so dependent on third party leads, that they have forgotten how to generate their own leads. Third party lead providers are flourishing since these companies have figured out a better way to build relationships with your consumers.  In this tip of the month, which is featured as a webinar, your dealership will learn how to focus on lead generation without relying on costly third party leads.  This webinar is a must see for Dealer Principals, Managers and Salespeople.  Best if you grab a coffee and find some quiet time to watch this one hour plus information packed webinar given by Jerry Thibeau and hosted by Eliana Raggio from DealerOn.





About the Author
Jerry Thibeau is the CEO of Phone Ninjas, the most recognized and proven automotive phone training company for car dealerships in the country. Phone Ninjas provides specialized Internet phone training and prospecting techniques.
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