Our Mission Statement:

We are a focused and determined company passionately striving for success. Our success comes from helping others achieve their goals. We accomplish this mission with a positive can do attitude, creative motivational techniques and by taking action when required. We have a serious desire to improve the bottom line of every business we engage.

Jerry Thibeau: CEO

Jerry started Phone Ninjas in January of 2010 to help automobile dealership improve phone and internet skills.  Today, Phone Ninjas is the premier phone training company within the automotive sector and we are currently expanding to other

Jerry Thibeau - CEO/Founder

Jerry Thibeau – CEO/Founder

vertical markets.  We can help any business seeking improvement with phone and internet skills.  Jerry is a 31-year automotive veteran and has earned the nickname “The Phone Ninja” for his ability to turn even the hardest of phone shoppers into real appointments that show. Having personally listened to and provided coaching feedback on more than 10,000 sales calls, Jerry is the industry’s best and brightest when it comes to evaluating a phone conversation.

Phone Ninjas, provides ongoing training to hundreds of dealers across the nation.  Our success with clients has made Phone Ninjas one of the hottest and fastest growing companies in the automotive sector.





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