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Nicole Marcellino

It’s no secret that in the last two years both Sales Consultants and BD Agents have largely slipped when it comes to active lead management and phone skills. The idea is that with the market being as hot as it’s been, the customer will continue to just come to us. This is a dangerous mindset. Regardless of how hot the market is and has been, we still have to provide our customers with top-notch customer service. Think about it, for all the customers we’ve potentially blown off, do you think they’d give us another chance when it’s time to purchase another vehicle? Or perhaps they couldn’t find the right vehicle, but when it comes time to make that purchase, they’ll easily remember that your dealership didn’t help them correctly. In the absence of low/no gross deals, customer service should be at an all-time high – not gone entirely. 

Every lead and phone call counts. And this is where we come in. For more than a decade our Active Coaching Method continues to evolve. Our main goal and philosophy at Phone Ninjas is to provide your Sales Consultants and BD Agents with personalized one-on-one attention. We do this by working individually with your agents giving them the knowledge and skill necessary to handle the phones more confidently for today’s consumers. This includes ongoing and regular feedback on their coached calls, highly effective scripts, personalized one-on-one sessions, and well-placed mystery shops.

So how exactly does this work? We accomplish this by using actual customer interactions to handle real-world situations naturally producing best-in-class results. We offer the ultimate accountability and deploy consistently through our transparent scoring process. It’s important to be trained, but we also know it’s important to conduct business; that’s why once your team is certified we only ask for 15 minutes each week plus 20 minutes once a month. Bite-sized pieces of impactful training that are easily implemented in real-time. Like to see who your Sales Consultants and BD Agents will work with? Take a minute to meet our coaches! 

What’s included, you ask? 

Now that you know what’s all included, it’s time to take the stealth test. Your team is only as good as they’re trained. If your teams are not trained, they cannot offer the customer service your prospective and current customers demand and deserve. 

Nicole Marcellino

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