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Dealership Phone Training

Why Your Dealership Needs Phone Training

What do you get when you combine dealer phone training with Phone Ninjas? The best Dealer phone training in the industry! At Phone Ninjas, we take pride in our ability to help automotive dealers sell more cars over the phone by improving their skills. Whether you’re an old pro or a brand new to the industry we’ll improve your game with hands-on coaching and effective sales and BD scripts that you can use again and again to turn inbound calls and Internet leads into customers and customers into fans.

Why would I want Phone Ninjas to train my Dealership on the Phones?

If you don’t have any phone training, or if your Sales Consultants or BD Agents are not comfortable answering inbound calls, your potential customers are going to think twice about giving you their business. Even if your Sales Consultant or BD Agents knows a lot about cars – it doesn’t mean they know how to effectively answer the phones. Customers expect quality service and a good experience and that starts with having excellent phone skills. Here at Phone Ninjas, we have a proven strategy to assist your dealership with phone training! Whether that’s one-on-one coaching, mystery shop coaching, virtual & onsite training

What will the Phone training be like?

Great question! Your training will be like none other you’ve had before. We aren’t your typical “training company” with “gurus” coming in for one day to solve all your problems with a motivational speech. Instead, we focus on what’s important. That’s training your dealership on how to effectively answer inbound calls and internet leads using our industry leading, proven processes. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about our free mystery shop today! 

Phone ninjas (in a nut shell)

Welcome to Phone Ninjas

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