If You Found Your Lost Wallet Would You Keep Looking for It? 2.0

That moment you reach for your wallet, and it’s not there. The panic sets in as you race to retrace your steps. The sweat drips from your forehead as you start to accept the reality of having to replace all of your cards and IDs.

This is not an ideal situation, and for those of us who are lucky and blessed enough to find it – would we keep looking for it? I’m not being facetious; would you keep looking for your lost wallet after you found it? Um, no. We breathe a deep sigh of relief and move on about the day. And perhaps grab a drink to celebrate. I mean, just the thought of having to cancel cards and get a new ID is enough to induce nausea. 

So why isn’t the same said when we find a training resource for our dealership? We’ve all experienced the “self-promoter” who hasn’t sold a car in decades, if ever. We’ve also all fallen victim to the “data-guys” who never left their desk to even see what a customer looks like and then there’re are the bold-faced liars…. These are the most interesting because they believe if they smile enough and chirp loud enough their sordid past will be forgotten…. Uh, nope. So, if we find a training resource with relevant automotive experience, a track record of successes that’s priced right, why keep looking? It’s situations like this where we overlook a resource right in front of us and where we kick ourselves months later because not only are we in the same situation, but we’re still “looking for training.” 

The training we’re often “looking for” is a “solution” to “fix” our problems. So, when we come across the “self-made trainer” who can instantaneously fix our problems, we do a little dance (okay, maybe not a dance, but we get excited – don’t lie!). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’d all be performing like rock stars if training were this easy. 

The truth is that not all training is created equal. And there isn’t a “simple fix” to the core struggles we face on the retail level. More importantly, it’s not about discussing the end result from the get-go, or working with a trainer who only shares how they got to the end result. Offering training that only explains how they got to the end result using their formula isn’t training. It’s a feel-good story. A story that sells because who doesn’t like to be told “these results over here can be yours.” Kudos to them, seriously. But let’s instead focus on training that teaches core principles, training that helps your team grow and training that not only makes you more money but also makes customers feel good. Oh, and lest not forget a method that sticks, that keeps your team performing time and again in an ongoing manner. 

Going back to the point of “if you found your lost wallet, would you keep looking for it?” – think about all the items in the wallet that would need to be replaced. Credit Cards, Bank Cards, & IDs. The wallet holds all of these items, the “end result.” The wallet holds the things that make it a resource. Well, the same can be said for training. If you find training made up of all of the components that make it a resource, why keep looking?

Think about this analogy for a minute. Much like other general trainers, the same can be said for weight loss products. It’s the idea that we can use “one resource” to fix all of our problems. But the fact is that simply taking a weight loss pill isn’t going to address all the root causes; healthy eating and exercise. The fascinating “general trainer,” aka jack of all trades, master of NONE. They are the end result, but don’t provide the resources and train on how to get the end-result. 

Phone Ninjas is about teaching and training your staff to apply the techniques (resources) to increase your dealership’s appointment set and show rates on the phone. It’s this approach that can and will offer vast success. Do yourself a favor and get a free mystery shop, and stop looking for the unicorn that poops glitter which doesn’t exist. 

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