Stop Multitasking in the BDC

There are many opinions on whether or not one can truly multitask. However, those who have worked at the dealer level in a BDC – multitasking is a quintessential part of the job, isn’t it? But just because they multitask does not mean that they are any more productive. In fact, too much multitasking can wind up leading your team to not just making more mistakes but burning out. All of which are not terribly efficient! The good news is that you don’t have to burn your BDC reps out. Having a Virtual BDC can assist your dealership with overflow, making for an even more productive BDC.

Do You Ever Have So Much Going On You Instinctively Make A Decision That You Know Isn’t Right?

Ever have a Monday morning lead answering marathon? Where your BDC Reps easily have 20+ leads to answer? In addition to responding to previous lead’s emails, checking voicemails – all while answering inbound calls? We’ve all been there. Your team might have the best intentions, trying to handle every lead. But it’s those times where they hit the send button before completing their thoughts in an email, enter the wrong price in an email, forget to call a customer back, or spelled a model wrong…. all because they were ‘multitasking’ or in a rush to get the job done. It’s the above moments that make us cringe because the mistake seemed – in retrospect – so simple and easily avoidable. But when their head is spinning in several directions at once, it becomes increasingly harder to actually accomplish anything at all. Or, more importantly, getting their work done without making potentially costly mistakes.

This is where a Virtual BDC can assist you. There is nothing wrong with having additional help. Help that could not only keep your team focused, but more importantly, it ensures that your team does not miss a lead. Think about it. It’s virtually impossible to answer all of the leads at once. How many times has your BDC rolled in on a Monday to a CRM full of leads from the weekend? Leads that could have already been answered with appointments set for Monday. Imagine coming into the dealership on a Monday with appointments ready to go allowing your team to start working on the previous week’s leads and follow-up! Not to mention by having the leads answered for you on the weekends (after hours), your team can come in refreshed and ready to go!

Bottom Line: First impressions can make or break the opportunity to earn your potential customer’s business. Having a resource to assist your BDC is an opportunity to ensure there aren’t breakpoints in customer correspondence. In addition to ensuring your BDC reps stay on task. All of which will lead to a more successful team.

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