What Are the Benefits of a Virtual BDC?

Having a Virtual BDC is beneficial to dealerships nationwide. In most dealerships, the Receptionist initially handles all the inbound calls. Making them the most important person in the equation but also the lowest paid. They are often terribly busy and are offered little to no training. In-house BDC agents are also remarkably busy handling internet leads, chats, making outbound calls and receiving the incoming sales calls. They are usually partially trained and a lot of them prefer email to phone. Various reports reflect that there are calls that are not being made, inbound calls are not being answered properly, and unlike web leads, they are the great unknown.

With a Virtual BDC, you are ensuring that your inbound calls will be answered properly every time. Between the Receptionist and in-house BDC, 60% of the inbound calls connect. Of those, 30% are set to sales appointments. Half show and half buy. Meaning you will end up spending on staff roughly 40% of what you end up grossing for the month. Using a Virtual BDC, your appointment set rate increases to 70% or higher. Again- half show and half buy. Increasing your sales and profit, while ultimately spending less on a Virtual BDC than what you would have spent on staff.  

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