Would a Virtual BDC be cost efficient for your dealership? It’s no secret that ROI is crucial. The cost of a Virtual BDC should not be any more than paying a part-time receptionist and a full time BDC agent. A Virtual BDC can be used to handle your inbound calls or for outbound campaigns.

Using a Virtual BDC will more than double your sales appointments set by handling the initial inbound sales calls for the. Only 30% of sales calls turn into an appointment on average but with a Virtual BDC, you would see that increase to upwards of 70%. Seems like a no brainer, right? Missing phone calls or not handling them properly portrays poor customer service and results in lost business for the dealership.

How does the cost compare? Having a Virtual BDC would ultimately provide substantial savings when compared to a fully staffed in-house BDC. The Virtual BDC agents essentially do the job of 3 people for the cost of one. The BDC Agents are dedicated to the dealership’s success. Thus, maximizing conversions and appointment traffic.