Alan Ram Loses Debate to Jerry Thibeau on Auto Dealer Live

Don’t believe the hype. Jerry Thibeau was the real winner in the Auto Dealer Live phone training debate. And not only was he the winner, he destroyed Alan with several clear and simple points.

Jerry Thibeau took Alan Ram to school and made him carry his books as well. It’s a simple concept that continues to elude Alan Ram; car dealership managers don’t have the time to review sales calls. And they don’t need to when the Phone Ninjas real-time lead scoring platform can provide a better, more efficient method of managing this activity.

Sales managers are hired to lead their sales teams, not hide in an office all day and listen to recordings of sales calls – that’s not an efficient use of their time as it could take up a majority of their efforts. Using Alan’s own logic, these same sales managers should also be grading and scoring emails sent via the CRM, or perhaps running the SEO and SEM strategies.

Their job should be centered around managing the metrics within each activity, not the granular activities themselves. Their responsibilities may also include watching over marketing activities, CRM initiatives or even the social media marketing – their talent is needed in a different capacity. Plus, isn’t it critical that your managers be available for customer introductions? (Average closing percentages more than double when customers are introduced to managers)

 Yes! I’d like a Phone Ninjas Demo

So, what do you think?
Who would you rather have listening to your sales calls? Trained phone sales experts who listen to calls all day long, or your sales managers who should be leading the sales team and managing every effort from a higher level?